Sunday, June 19, 2016

Quote Sunday: Happy Father's Day!

Sending a BIG Happy Father's Day shout-out to all of the dads out there! Have a WONDERFUL day!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Plaster Paint Co. Projects

Good morning! A few Saturdays ago my friend Christi W. and I took an all-day furniture painting workshop at The Plaster Paint Company in Catoosa, OK. (You can click HERE to read about the mother-daughter team that started this company, as well as check out their fantastic products and projects.)

Christi and I started out with old pieces of furniture that we picked up at local thrift shops...I brought a chair:

Christi brought a side table:

We began by selecting the Plaster Paint colors for our projects. I chose the color "Jewel" for my chair, and Christi chose the color "Dahlia" for her table. The beauty of Plaster Paint is that there is no prep work on the piece you are we were able to dive right in to painting our projects:

I debated on whether to paint the cane work on the seat of my chair. The cane was in great condition, which is kinda rare when you find an old chair, but I decided that I wanted to paint and age/distress the whole chair, so away I went with painting the cane:

Here are our projects with the first of two coats of paint. You can see how nicely the Plaster Paint covers the previous finishes. While our paint dried, we enjoyed a catered lunch from The Olive Garden - yummy!!

After lunch we added a second coat of paint, and once it had dried we lightly sanded/distressed our pieces, added dark glazes to antique the pieces, and then applied a couple of coats of liquid wax. Here's how our finished projects came out looking:

I LOVE how these pieces look now!! Christi put the side table in her guest room where her colors are grey and yellow-gold. I put my chair next to the whirlpool tub in my master bathroom to hold a basket of bath goodies:

I purchased some additional colors of Plaster Paint, and I am currently working on turning an old drawer into a cute and comfy dog bed for my sweet little Tony:

I know!! He's such a cutie, right?!?!?! Anyhoo...stay tuned for the upcoming post of the drawer dog bed that I am making for him!

Have a FANTASTIC week!!

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Hello, friends! I am sure that you are wondering where I've a matter of fact, I've had several of my local followers check in to make sure that I am okay and to see what I've been up to.

Well, first off, I am doing just fine! Thank you to everyone that has inquired! :)

(A recent photo of me with my handsome son and hubby.)

The reason my blog posts have become few and far between is because I was beginning to feel like blogging had become just another task to "check off" my to-do list, and that is not how I want it to be. I love to share my creations, observations and ideas with you, but I had begun to feel pressed to always be creating something, and I had lost some of the joy and freedom that comes with being creative. With that being said, I decided to pull back for a while and re-evaluate.

My goal has been, and always will be, sharing ideas, humor, recipes and practical ideas that any age can enjoy. Although my posts will be fewer than what I have done in the past, my blog will continue to be a positive, upbeat and creative outlet for me to share what I love with you. Thank you for reading my posts and sharing your comments with me! I love hearing from my readers!

Be sure to check back here next week to see a cool chair makeover that I recently did at a class by The Plaster Paint Company in Catoosa, OK. Until then...enjoy the rest of the week and the upcoming weekend!


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Quote Sunday: Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing you a wonderful day spent laughing with the people that you love the most! Happy Valentine's Day!