Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Fun Friday...

Hi, All!! We'll I'm back to catch up on my blogging and email correspondence after a looooong week of my department moving to a new building. By the time I got home each evening I was just too pooped to even read any emails or blog posts, so I'm spending my Saturday catching up!

Yesterday I treated myself to a vacation day from work so that my best bud Jamie and I could go to the "Affair of the Heart" craft show at the Tulsa Fairgrounds. Jamie and I had the best time, (although we ALWAYS do when we're hanging out together!), and are looking forward to going to the show that's held in the fall too.

Here are some of the fantastic finds that I got yesterday...first off a couple of really cute birdhouses:

I'm a sucker for cute, handmade birdhouses, (especially when old hardware such as drawer pulls, door knobs and finials are used in their construction!), and these were real bargains! The red one was only $7.00 and the white one was only $15.00!

My FAVORITE find of the day was this wonderful re-purposed 100 year old theater chair, which only cost me $19.95, and now has a home on my covered front porch:

How AWESOME is that?!?!? It had a tag on it that stated it was made in 1911 and came from the Midland Theater in Coffeyville, KS. The lady whose booth I purchased it from, painted "Welcome" and a cute flower pot scene on it, and then lightly speckled the chair with cream and black paint. I love that the actual seat number 5 still shows on it. As Jamie and were loading it into the trunk of her car, we noticed that a piece of old chewed-up gum was stuck under the chair on one of the metal legs...gross but funny! We wondered if the gum was 100 years old too - ha! ha! ha!

Wishing you a terrific summer weekend!! Stay cool!



  1. Sweet finds Becky! I love the red birdhouse the best! Really great prices too, maybe I should come to the states to go 'craft-sale'ing!

  2. Great buys! Love the movie theater seat...minus the gum! LOL!

  3. Love those birdhouses! And that theater chair is a very cool find! Sounds like you had a well fun day!


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