Saturday, July 9, 2011

Birthday Party Fun!

Last weekend my pal Tracy turned 40 so my best bud Jamie, (who is also Tracy's sis-in-law), and I decided to throw a little party for her to celebrate the occasion! We invited a few other girlfriends, their spouses and kiddos, and all met up at Jamie's house to surprise Tracy! What a fun time we had laughing, eating cake, chips and dips, and just being together! Here are a few photos that I thought I'd share with you of the great time we had:

First off, here's a group photo of "just us girls"...from left to right: Jamie, me, Tracy, Stacey and Kristin:

A round of hugs for the birthday girl! Photo one is Stacey's hubby, Jose, and Kristin giving Tracy a hug and the second photo is of my hubby, Mike, giving her a hug too!!

Next it was time to sing Happy Birthday to her and have her blow out the candles on her cake...we teased her that when you get to be 40 you don't get 40 individual candles on your cake because of the fire hazard! You get two number candles...a 4 and 0!! HA! HA!

After having some cake and ice cream it was time for Tracy to open presents! Her youngest daughter, Olivia, loved helping her out with that part!

I decided to tease her a little bit with some funny, "old-people" gifts like Milk of Magnesia, gas relief tablets, high fiber snack mix, sore muscle soak, a large print word find, and my personal favorite...some blinged up reading glasses on a red beaded neck chain, which were just too funny!!

Olivia LOVED those glasses, and quickly put them on to model for us! Here she is with cousin Kennedie:

Lots of laughs were shared by all!! Aren't friends such a blessing?!?!?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!


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  1. LOL! What great gag gifts! Lovely picture of everyone and it looks like a good time!


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