Monday, January 9, 2012

Denim Flower Tutorial

In previous posts, I've showed you how I recycle old blue jean pockets, etc. to use on scrapbook pages and canvas projects. Today I'm going to show you some flower pins that I created using denim from the leg of an old pair of jeans and some blingy buttons. They make fun and basically free accessories to brighten up a jacket; and they also make a great replacement as a bow on a gift or decoration on a gift bag, which the recipiant always loves! Here's a tutorial for the first flower:

Begin by cutting a wavy circle of denim. The larger your circle is, the larger your flower will be:

Spiral cut your wavy denim circle to look like this:

Beginning with the center of your spiral, curl the spiral around itself to form a flower - hot gluing as you go to hold it all in place - and then fray the edges of your flower to add some "rustic charm". Cut a small circle from a piece of felt and hot glue it to the back of your flower. Hot glue a blingy button to the center of the flower, form leaves from some crinkly green seam ribbon and hot glue to the felt back. Attach a pin to the back of the felt and you're all set! Here's the finished flower attached to my favorite brown corduory jacket:

Here are a couple of more scrap denim flowers that I made:

The one shown above is simple two denim circles that have been layered and stitched together in the center. You'll then cut "petals" around the perimeter of the flower and fray the edges. Hot glue a CTMH paper flower and blingy button to create the center of your flower. Attach a felt circle and pin to the back - SUPER quick and easy!! (This particular flower makes a great decorative element on a card that can be removed and worn by the recipient!)

And, last but not least, here's the final flower:

To create this flower, I simply cut a 10" x 1" (approximately!) piece of frayed, scrap denim. By using a running stitch on one side, I gathered the denim strip into a circle and then stitched the inner edges together so that it would retain its shape. I cut 2 cream felt circles and cut "petals" into the felt pieces; stitching the felt flower to the center of the denim. I added a blingy button and a green crinkly ribbon leaf to the flower; then attached a felt circle and pin to the back - TA-DAH!! Another quick and easy flower pin!

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