Sunday, April 4, 2010

A "Berry" Happy Easter...

I hope that you had a Happy Easter! After Bible study this morning, Mike and I spent the afternoon working in the yard and our little garden spot. We power-washed the back porch, which was covered with little muddy footprints from our beagle, Hunter. We planted 2 flats of begonias, 4 varieties of tomato plants, green beans, and a few strawberry plants. The strawberry plants already had some berries on them and 3 of the berries had already ripened. Just for fun I took a photo of these 3 little berries...aren't they pretty??

I'm excited for more berries to ripen so that I can make strawberry jam. I've always had to buy strawberries each year to make jam, which can be a little costly, so I hope that my own strawberry plants are successful so that I can get at least one batch of jam out of them this year!

Wishing you a GREAT week!


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