Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stamped Tile Coaster Set Tutorial

Here's a quick and fun project that makes a terrific gift for almost any occasion! You could give individual coasters as "mini gifts" to co-workers or teachers, or you could tie the set together with a pretty organza ribbon to give as a housewarming gift, birthday gift, etc. These lovely coasters could be added to a gift basket with some pretty drinking glasses for a wedding gift as well! The options are endless!
Here's how I made them:

Begin with 4" x 4" tumbled marble tiles that you can pick up at any home improvement center. Wipe the tiles clean with a damp cloth.

Apply Timber Brown StazOn ink to an acrylic stamp. I used the following CTMH stamps for this project:
  • State of Mind
  • Find Your Style
  • Felicity
With a steady hand, carefully press the stamped images evenly onto the tiles.

Here are what my 4 tiles looked like before I sponged colored ink onto the images:

If you want to add just a hint of color to the images, lightly dab a sponge dauber on a colored StazOn ink pad and, with a light hand, carefully add ink to the images:

Here are what my tiles look like after applying a little colored ink:

To add a protective backing, you can use cork or felt pads. (Cork can be purchased by the roll or sheet at your local home improvement center). Cut the cork slightly smaller than your tile...I cut mine 3 1/2" x 3 1/2".

Apply Liquid Glass to the back of the cork and attach the it to the back of the tile. Hold in place for a couple of minutes and then turn the tile over to rest so that the weight will hold and stabilize the cork, allowing it to adhere firmly.

Lastly, spray the tops of the coasters with a sealant to protect your artwork and you're done! (I like to use Valspar's Clear Lacquer, which comes in a spray can). Here's another photo of the finished project:

I hope that this little tutorial was helpful and will inspire you to use your ink and stamps in a new way!



  1. Oh Becky, those are so pretty. Love the stamp sets you put together and love the bit of color on each one! I've never attempted the tile coasters, but you have inspired me!

  2. I just got that stamp set ~ thank you for sharing this idea... Love it!!

  3. HOLY SMOKES! These are fabulous these!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing, Becky!!! What kind of sealant do you use and if you use a sealant, do you have to use Stazon Inks to color the images? I was just wondering what ink will last through condensation from icy cold glasses. :) Love the combination of your images!!!!

  5. Beautiful!! What did you use as a sealant over the top? And is there something else that would work besides liquid glass?
    Oh and one more question...since there is a sealant can a person color with something else besides staz on ink? Yeah I know I ask alot of questions! LOL!

    These are just so gorgeous!!

  6. BEAUTIFUL!! Not only am I going to make a set for a gift but also one for myself! I love the Find your style stampset...Thanks Becky!! Fab Idea!

  7. wow, Becky! I am super impressed... I have never thought of making these and I think that stamp set is perfect for something like this! Thanks for the tutorial! Great gift set!

  8. Becky, These are just beautiful! I'm inspired!

  9. I love the natural, earthy look of these! Thanks for sharing your tutorial! Great inspiration!

  10. I loved these so much I decided to make some for a wedding shower gift. I used the Timber Brown StazOn ink (goes great with her colors). It looked fantastic! Then I put the sealant on and now the color looks purple!! I'm SO disappointed! With lack of time I have no choice but to still give them as my gift. I have no idea what happened. If anyone knows please share! Thank you!

  11. I left the previous comment....I'm pretty sure it was the sealant. They were great before I put it on. I got what a store recommended- I'll be taking it back! Love the whole idea though, and I'm going to keep trying them out! Thank you!!

  12. I was wondering what kind of sealant you used? Also where did you get your stamp set?


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