Monday, March 28, 2011

Ribbon Flower Tutorial

Happy Monday, All! Today I would like to share with you 3 variations on how to make a very cute and simple flower just by using scraps of ribbon! These fun little flowers work great to decorate cards, scrapbook pages, gift bags/boxes, and other papercrafting projects as well! Here are the 3 items that I dressed up with ribbon flowers that I made...

A card:

A small gift box:

And a gift bag:

All of the flowers are made basically the same way, but I added a little variation to the red flower, which uses a wider ribbon.

Let's get started! Begin by punching a 1" circle from a scrap piece of cardstock to form the base of your flower:

Set circle aside. Cut ribbon into 2 1/2" long pieces. (The narrower your ribbon is, the more ribbon you'll need for each flower. The gingham and blue flowers, shown on the projects above, were made with narrower ribbon and the red flower was made with wide ribbon). Apply a Glue Dot to the end of each piece of ribbon and adhere the ends of the ribbon to each other to form a loop:

Attach a Glue Dot to the back side of each loop and attach the loops to the circle base as shown here:

Run a piece of very thin organza ribbon through the holes in a coordinating button and tie ribbon into a knot to secure. Apply Glue Dots to the back of the button and attach to the center of the flower:

Ta-Dah!! Here's what your finished flower should look like:

Now for the instructions to create the red ribbon flower that I attached to the gift bag...once again begin by punching out a 1" circle from a scrap piece of cardstock. Following the same directions shown above, form loops with your ribbon pieces and secure with Glue Dots. Pinch the base of the ribbon together and secure with a Glue Dot:

You will need to use 2 additional Glue Dots to secure the bottom part of the ribbon where you've pinched it together:

There really is a Glue Dot on the corner of that's just hard to see in this photo - sorry!!

Fold the left side of your flower petals back and secure with Glue Dots so that they will retain their shape...your flower petals will now look like this:

Attach the petals to the cardstock circle with Glue Dots, slighty overlapping them as you go. Your flower should now look like this:

Using a liquid glue, (I used Liquid Glass from CTMH), attach a large button to the center of the flower and let dry. Fold a scrap piece of green ribbon to form a leaf and tuck under the edge of your flower, securing with Glue Dots. Your flower is now ready to attach to your project:

Happy Scrappin'!!


  1. Your so creative! I just love these flowers! Will be giving atleast one of these a try!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Beautiful flowers Becky! I need to make a birthday card for my niece, I think I might add this to it! Thanks.

  3. Becky,
    These are so sweet! Thanks for sharing them!

  4. I love your blog! I have an award for you :) Please stop by my blog and pick it up!


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