Friday, December 10, 2010

Cute Project Alert!!! Softie Socks Cupcake Tutorial

Are these super cute or what?!?!? I made these adorable "cupcakes" from softie socks to give as Christmas gifts, and I'm going to show you how so that you can make some too! I was inspired by a post at November Rose , who got the original idea at Greenbean's Crafterole blog. (Thanks, gals, for the wonderful inspiration!!) I tweaked my design, though, because I didn't have the diecut for the cupcake wrapper. Here's how I created my cupcake cuties:

First, start out with a new pair of softie socks:

Begin rolling the socks tightly from the toe end, making sure to keep the sides as even as possible:

Grip the rolled up socks and add a rubberband to the bottom third of the "cupcake" to hold it together. Adjust the top to give the effect of fluffy, swirly frosting. Set aside to work on your "wrapper":

To create the cupcake wrapper, begin by random stamping a design of your choice on a piece of 12" x 12" cardstock:

Cut your cardstock into 4 - 3" wide x 12" long strips:

Using a border punch, punch a decorative edge along one of the 12" sides:

To add a wavy dimension to the wrappers, run them through a crimper:

Run a line of adhesive on the upper side of the stamped side and on the under side of the plain side:

Wrap the wrapper around the cupcake and press together where you've applied adhesive:

Wrap a ribbon around the center of the cupcake wrapper and secure with glue dots. Create a decorative bow and attach where ribbon meets in the front of the cupcake to cover the seam. Add a pom pom "cherry" to the top.

Wrap up all of your cupcakes in cellophane treat bags, tie with a ribbon and you've got a sweet treat that's good for the feet!! This is a terrific gift for co-workers, babysitters, teachers, troop leaders, etc.!

Here's another photo of all of the cupcakes that I made...



  1. Oh wish I saw this earlier as I just posted some stuff out today! Atleast I have the idea for Christmas next year or for some birthdays! Thanks so much!!

  2. These are just adorable! I'll have to try making them also. Great tutorial too. :)

  3. OH my word! How cute is that. I have a baby gift to give and that would make a great addition for mom.

    Thanks for participating at Frosted Designs this week!

  4. THESE ARE THE CUTEST THINGS EVER!! I love this idea!! So glad you shared it with us! Great tute too! Thanks for taking on our ribbon challenge this week at Frosted Designs!
    barb :)

  5. Such a cute idea. These are just too adorable. Thanks for playing along with us at Frosted Designs.

  6. SO GREAT!!! What a fabulous idea!!!! This would even be a great gift for kids that you wouldn't get a big gift for! Gonna have to scraplift this idea!! Thanks Becky!

  7. Thanks Becky for this wounderful Idea. I´m going to make some of this.

  8. Awesome idea! Thanks for making the little tutorial - I think I can DO this and what a cute gift!

  9. I love this idea. Thanks for tutorial.

    Val (Brazil)


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