Saturday, March 12, 2011

Household Tip: How to Quickly Fluff Up Carpet Where Furniture Legs Have Been...

During the snow storm we had in February, (which forced most of us to stay inside for several days!), I decided to move my living room furniture around. Since the furniture had been in the same location for a while, the sofa and chair legs left crushed marks in the carpet:

A quick remedy for this is to use a kitchen fork to fluff up the carpet:

By gently running the fork through the carpet strands you can quickly and easily fluff up the crushed down areas and no one will be able to see where your furniture has previously been:

I hope this little tip has been helpful! Have a fun and safe weekend!



  1. Your full of good tips! I gotta say I had to chuckle though seeing someone use a fork on carpet!! Just a funny thought! But hey if it works why not?! :)
    Hope your having a good weekend!
    Oh and I have heard lots of people that have gone through chemo talk about how they cling to a certain food item. Like milkshakes, mashed potatoes or mac and cheese. They seem to pick one or two things and eat only those items like crazy! Very strange but atleast they are eating something!

  2. Okay, but does the fork also take care of the discoloration too? Cuz if I move my couch the carpet underneath would be several shades lighter then the rest of my carpet! :) did you do your signature?

  3. Drop a piece of ice on the spot and let it melt. As the carpet dries, it will fluff back up. Easy!


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