Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday Card and Another Blog Makeover

Lately I've been in a card making mood, more so than a scrapbooking mood, so I'll be sharing several card posts with you in the next few days. To start the "card parade", I'm sharing the card that I made and sent to my sister Sarah, who celebrated a birthday on Tuesday....

As you can see, I incorporated a smaller version of the torn fabric flower, (tutorial HERE), and used ric-rac for the flower stem and leaves. Also, instead of using a button for the flower center, I used black gingham ribbon that I tied into a little bow to add some nice color contrast.

Lastly, I took a vacation day from work today and spent some time giving my blog a "make-over". (I should have been catching up on laundry, but this was a much more fun task for a cold and rainy afternoon!!) You'll notice at the top of my blog, just under the heading, I've added a new "coming soon" feature, which is where I will link my upcoming Etsy store! I'll be starting out small on Etsy and then adding more creative projects to sell as time allows. I hope to have the Etsy store up and running in the next few weeks, so stay tuned because in the next few days I'll be posting a "sneak-peek" of one of the items that I'll be selling in my Etsy store!

Thanks for looking! Have a fun and safe weekend!


  1. Great card! I have that same stamp set! :)
    YAY! For your new Etsy store!! Oh man....I really should get on that boat too but I just can never seem to find the time. Maybe I need to take some time off from work (school and housework)! LOL!

  2. What a sweet card Becky! Congrats on going forward with Etsy. I'm still on the fence, I guess I should just dive in and see what happens!


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