Thursday, April 7, 2011

Triangle Treat Box Tutorial

As promised earlier this week, here is the fun little project that you can attach the torn fabric flowers to:

It's a triangle shaped treat box, which is just perfect for filling up with chocolates, jewelry, a gift card, etc.! My friend/co-worker Margaret showed me how to create these little boxes, (thanks, Margaret!!), so I am sharing her instructions with you!

Begin by cutting a piece of cardstock 4" wide x 10" long. (I used double sided gingham checked cardstock so that the inside of the box would look as cute as the outside!) Score at 5" on the long side:

With a pencil, lightly mark the center at 2" on each of the 4" ends:

Score at an angle from the 2" mark to the center score mark, repeating for all 4 edges:

Fold all 4 of these scored edges upward so that your triangle box looks like this:

Fold along the center score line so that your triangle box will close:

Align the ends and punch holes in the ends of your triangle box using a Crop-a-Dile:

Using Terrifically Tacky Tape, attach the fabric flower to the top of your box:

Tear a strip of fabric to match your flower, keeping the ends frayed to give a "home-spun" look, and lace the torn fabric through the holes so that your box can be tied shut:

Fill the box with treats, tie to close, and you've got a cute and unique little gift to brighten someones day!

Happy Scrappin'!!


  1. Oh my gosh--such a cute treat box! I can't wait to make one.

  2. After seeing this cute treat box I am ready for some treats! LOL!

  3. Love this, Becky! And I'm so glad you joined us at Frosted Designs!

  4. What an awesome project and thanks for the tutorial! Your torn flower is just amazing. Thank you for sharing your incredible creation this week with us at Frosted Designs.

  5. That is so cute!!! The flower is gorgeous and what a great tutorial!

    Thanks for taking the challenge this week at Frosted Designs!


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