Friday, October 7, 2011

Little Girl's Tulle Flower Hair Bow Tutorial

Above is a cute little hair bow that I made for my great-niece, Kayle Ann. It's a really simple project to's how I made it:

Begin by cutting a piece of lavender tulle about 12" to 14" in length:

Fold the tulle in half lengthwise and trim raw edge with pinking shears:

On the folded side, sew a basic running stitch and gather the fabric as you go. Once you've reached the end of the fabric and have gathered it all into a flower shape, secure by stitching together on the underside of the flower:

Attach the prongs of a large, decorative brad through the holes in a button. Secure prongs through the center of the tulle flower:

Set tulle flower aside. Using 1/8" satin ribbon, criss-cross weave the ribbon through the open side of a snap clip:

Secure the ends of the ribbon with a knot, and trim ribbon leaving 6" tails. (If desired, pearl beads can be added to the ribbon tails for a little extra bling.)

Form a loopy bow using 1/4" satin ribbon. Tie loopy bow to snap clip:

Attach tulle flower to snap clip with hot glue. (TIP: place a folded piece of wax paper between the metal snap clip to keep it from becoming glued to itself.) Hold tulle flower in place with a clothespin until glue has dried.

Attach a tiny bow to the center of the flower brad and your tulle flower hair bow is now complete! NOTE: This makes a really cute package decoration, in lieu of a standard bow, on a present for a little girl.

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