Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stitched Felt Glasses Case

Last week I broke a pair of my reading glasses, so I had to purchase a new pair. This got me thinking that I really needed to make a cute case to store my "cheater glasses" in, so Sunday afternoon I whipped one up. The first photo is of the back of the case and the second photo is the front of the case:

Here's how I made it:

Start by cutting a piece of blue felt into 2 pieces - the back piece should measure 3" wide x 9" long and the front piece should measure 3" wide x 6" long. Taper the flap of the case so that it will neatly tuck into the strap. Next cut a piece of pink felt 3" long x 1" wide - this will be the strap to hold the flap down. I "freehand" cut the letter B, the flower and the leaves. Here's a view of all of the cut pieces:

Using 3 strands of embroidery floss, blanket stitch the flower together and then blanket stitch it and the leaves to the back of the case. Not sure how to create a blanket stitch? Here's a diagram to help you:

If you choose to put a monogram or design on the front, you'll want to stitch that on now. After you've attached the decorative elements to the front and back of the case pieces, stitch the case together. Be sure to stitch around the strap too! I added a button to the strap for decoration, but you could embroider something on that area or leave it plain if you like.

That's it - a super easy and cute stitched felt glasses case that can be whipped up in a couple of hours! I hope this tutorial has been helpful...I'd love to see the cases that you come up with so feel free to email photos to me!



  1. How cute is this! So funny....I have been breaking my readers too! Thank goodness I have a few "planted" everywhere around the house.

  2. It's pretty amazing that you just "whipped" this up!! Adorable!!

    barb :)

  3. So cute!! Love the flower on the back!

  4. Hey, Beck...cute. I just heard today you had a blog. I've started mine, with one little entry...we'll see...


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