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Mini Altered Tin Scrapbook Tutorial and Scrap-It-Girl's July Challenge: "Good Things Come in Small Packages"

WOW! The month of June just flew by, don't you think so too? With a new month comes a new challenge from Scrap-It-Girl; and as a member of her Design Team, I am excited to announce that I am hosting this month's challenge: "Good Things Come in Small Packages". Below are the photos of the project that I created for this is a mini altered tin that I turned into a friendship scrapbook for my best bud, Jamie. Inside are a few fun photos of us, as well as little pockets that hold tags with friendship quotes...some of them serious, and some of them just down-right funny! (There is a step-by-step tutorial below so that you can make one of these cuties too!) Here's the first photo, which is a view of the lid:

The next photo is a side view:

And here are a couple of photos of the inside:

Here is a photo and list of the prize package that the winning entry will receive for this month's Scrap-It-Girl Challenge:

*Small square tag board flip album
*Candy tin
*3" x 3" kraft album with jute tie
*1" x 1" CTMH acrylic block
*3 CTMH mini ink pads in Sunflower, Garden Green and Hollyhock
*2 CTMH Petite Perks stamp sets: "Bee Yourself" and "Deck the Halls"
*1 sheet CTMH textured stickers
*1 CTMH Mini-Medley embellishments pack in black
*3 packs of Charmed I'm Sure stainless steel charms: "Camping", "Baby", and
*1 varity pack of CTMH clear shapes
*1 bobbin of ribbon with "Memories" wording
*3 Tim Holtz clips
*1 pack mini mosaic tiles
*6 yellow vellum metal rimmed tags with yellow twine
*1 pack CTMH Foundry Tabs
*1 pack CTMH decorative metal tokens
*1 pack CTMH metal charms
*1 pack CTMH Blush/Chocolate Embellishments
*1 pack CTMH Tulip/White Daisey Embellishments
*1 pack CTMH Sweet Leaf/Colonial White Embellishments
*1 pack misc. embellishments

I'd LOVE to see what you come up with for this challenge...I'm always on the lookout for inspiration to make fun little crafty projects! The challenge rules are simple: create a project using a small package of some type - you could use tins, boxes, bottles, baskets, cans...whatever creative small package idea you may have!! You can link up to two projects HERE to be entered in this month's why not make something and submit a project or two for a chance to win??'s how I made Jamie's friendship mini tin album:

Begin by tracing around the top and bottom of your tin on a piece of fabric, (I chose denim chambray), and then cut the pieces out:

Put a coat of Mod-Podge on the top and bottom of the tin and place your fabric on top of it. Add a coat of Mod-Podge to the top of the fabric as well, and set tin aside to dry:

While the outside of the tin is drying, you can begin to work on the contents of the inside. Cut a piece of double-sided cardstock to fit the inside of your tin. My cardstock measures 11" long by 4 1/4" wide.

Score the cardstock, (on the long side), in 2" increments. This will leave a 1" tab at the end, which is what you will adhere to the inside back of your tin. Now turn the cardstock lengthwise and make a 3" score line all the way down from the short side. Cut notches from the edge to the short score mark...these flaps will form the pockets in your mini album and look like this:

Embellish your pocket fronts the way you want, and then adhere the sides down to form the pockets where the quote tags will be placed:

Once you've got your pockets embellished/in place, set accordion album aside and return to decorating the outside of your tin. I adhered a piece of twill ribbon to the edge of the bottom part of the tin. Once it dried, I added a narrow piece of red ric-rac on top of that for a little extra detail:

I then cut a piece of ruffled gingham ribbon and adhered it to the top edge of the lid portion of the tin:

Decorate the top of your tin as desired. I created a felt flower, (click HERE for my instructions for the flower), and then cut out fabric leaves as well. I added beads that spelled "friend", which I strung on a piece of knotted jute; and a brass tag that says "best", accenting the tag with coordinating ribbon:

When the top has dried, flip the tin over and use craft glue to attach 4 wooden beads to the bottom of the tin to create "legs":

Once you're tin is completely dry, and the legs are firmly set, you can attach the album to the inside. Begin by accordion folding your mini-album, leaving the 1" tab at the end. Using a strong adhesive, (I used Teriffically Tacky Tape), attach the 1" flap to the inside back of the tin:

Cut a 2 pieces of to fit on the inside of the lid, and one for the inside of the bottom, and adhere using liquid glue. The 1" cardstock flap in the back will be covered up by the burlap. Set tin aside to allow the burlap to dry. While this is drying, prepare/cut out photos and print/cut out friendship quotes. (I Googled "friendship quotes" to find the ones that I used.)

That's it! Now your little tin is ready to give away or keep as a gift to yourself!

Have a blessed day!



  1. This is darling, Becky! I keep saving little containers like this, then am not sure what I want to use them for! I will have to have a look and see what I can do! I wish I knew how to mark this to remember....

    1. Hi, Romaine! Hope all is well with you! I'd love to see what you create with your tins...I'm always looking for inspiration, so feel free to send me photos of what you come up with. Also, don't forget to enter your project(s) in this month's Scrap-It-Girl challenge.

      Oh, and if you are are on Pinterest, you could mark this by pinning it to one of your boards. There is a "Pin" button at the bottom of each of my posts. :)

      Have a fun and safe 4th of July! :)

  2. This is just adorable, Becky! I need to check out my stash of containers...... :)

    1. Thanks, Ann! Be sure to enter your project in Scrap-It-Girl's challenge! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Stacie! You should make something and enter it in this month's challenge!! :)

  4. So cute! I saw this on Kimberly's blog and totally loved it. I love all the fabulous details. Your friend must love it!

    1. Thanks, Cheryl! I gave it to Jamie the day after she'd had sinus surgery, (OUCH!), to lift her spirits and she loved it! :)

  5. Cuh-UTe!! Love this, it turned out SO great! Love that you included a lil mini album inside :)


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