Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Monday!

Good morning! I promise that I haven't fallen off of the face of the earth...I was on fall break last week and just kicked back and relaxed, which was so nice. I enjoyed not having any particular place to be, and not having any major tasks to tackle.

On a fun TERRIFIC son, Justin, celebrated his 23rd birthday on Saturday. He is currently camped out on a mountain in Colorado elk hunting, and having the time of his life! Here is a great photo of him that he sent to me yesterday:

I love this photo of him - so handsome!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he harvests a nice elk...he has worked so hard to be able to take this trip and I am so proud of him.

Stay tuned for the recipe that I'll be sharing with you in a couple of days for Baked Pasta Carbonara - yummy!

Have a SUPER week!


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  1. Happy Birthday to your son...sounds like a fun birthday trip!


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