Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Simple, Yet Elegant, Framed Art

Good morning! Recently I was digging through my craft supply stash and came across a frame that I had forgotten I purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby. The frame has a white pre-cut mat with a 4" x 4" opening, and the glass on the frame is etched around the outside edges. There is a nice space between the mat and the glass, which I knew would allow me to add bulky, layered items inside the mat opening without the items getting squashed by the glass front. Anyhoo, using some other supplies that I had on hand, here's what I came up with:

I REEEEALLY love how it turned out, don't you?? Here's how I made it:

Begin by gathering some things that you think you might like to use in your art piece. I cut a heart-shape from a scrap of burlap that I had, and then grabbed some other things that I thought would accent the burlap nicely. (Such as lace, a printed page from an old book that I rescued from the trash, a little key, a paper rose, etc.)

I started out by removing the mat and picture insert from the frame. I cut the book page to measure 4" x 4" to fit the inside of the mat, and attached the cut book page over the "photo" on the insert paper:

I then attached the white mat over the insert paper, centering the book page in the mat opening:

Using a scrap of burlap, I cut a heart-shape to fit the mat opening and attached a piece of lace diagonally across the burlap heart:

I formed a multi-loop bow from skinny green satin ribbon to form dimensional "leaves" for the paper rose that I would attach on top of the ribbon bow:

I then made a bow from additional lace, attaching a button and decorative key. Using brads, I attached a metal "love" tag to the top of the burlap heart and then added a pearl bead to the inside of the paper rose, before inserting the artwork into the frame:

Once again, here's a photo of the finished artwork...

Wouldn't this make a cute wedding or anniversary gift?? My crafty-mental wheels are turning and I know that I'll be making more similar pieces like this in the near future! :)

Thanks for looking! Have a great day!

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  1. This is so pretty! Are you keeping this one for yourself? (because I would) You're right though, this would make a great wedding or anniversary gift! I really like it.


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