Monday, May 13, 2013

Up-cycling Old Crocks Into Cute Patio Planters...

Good morning, folks! First off let me apologize for being a major blog slacker lately. It's a SUPER busy time of year...lots of weddings, baby showers, retirement parties, graduations and the like. Also, at work we've all been knee deep in EOI (End of Instruction) testing, which we finished up last week. I haven't had time to read/comment on my favorite blogs, or keep up with comments left for me, let alone get much crafting or cooking/baking done. I've only got 12 more days of work left until I am on summer break - WOOHOO!! - so I hope to get back on track with my blogging, cooking and crafting!

In the little bit of spare time that I have had, Mike and I have been doing some work in the yard by cleaning out flower beds, planting new flowers, several tomato and cucumber plants and re-mulching everything. Today's quick post is about up-cycling old crocks that may have chips and cracks into pretty planters for your patio. In the first photo below I turned an old crock into a super cute planter. (Recently my friend Kibbie was cleaning out cabinets to prepare for her kitchen remodel, and gave me several crocks that she no longer wanted. Thanks, Kibbie!!)

Next is a planter that I made from one of my crock pot liners that cracked on the bottom. (The crack is great for drainage when the crock is used as a planter, but not so good when trying to cook a roast for supper - HA! HA!) I lined the bottom with some river rocks, filled it with potting soil, and then added lots of pretty flowering plants and a little birdhouse. It really brightens up the bottom shelf of the baker's rack that is on our back patio!

Thanks for taking time to stop by my blog today! Have a TERRIFIC week!!


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