Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mummy Card Tutorial and Pics From Justin's Elk Hunt...

Good morning! I decided to whip up a few quick and cute mummy cards to send out for's what I came up with:

These had to be some of the easiest cards that I've ever made, and I LOVE how cute they turned out! Here's how I made them...

Start out with a piece of gray card stock that measures 4 1/4" x 11". Score at 5 1/2 inches to make a nice, clean fold:

Gather the rest of your card supplies...I tore some muslin into strips and grabbed some google-eyes from my stash of craft supplies. I also cut some jagged teeth out of black card stock and punched a heart shape out of pink card stock...I turned that heart into a pair of mummy lips as shown in the photo above!

Using a Glue-Dot, adhere the end of one of the strips of muslin to the backside of the card front:

Wrap the card stock around the card, leaving spaces for the eyes and mouth. Randomly secure the strips with Glue-Dots as needed:

Once you've gotten the card all wrapped up, attach the eyes and teeth or lips with Glue-Dots. I also added a diagonal strip of fabric above the eyes for a little extra dimension:

To age the muslin, apply some dark gray or black chalk using a cotton swab or your finger:

Stamp the inside of the card with a spooky sentiment...I used a stamp set from Close to My Heart:

Sign your card and pop it in the mail to a friend! :)

Last but not least, Justin made it home from his Colorado elk hunting trip safe-and-sound on Monday evening. He was pretty pumped that he'd bagged a 6 x 6 bull elk weighing an estimated 700 lbs. Here are a couple of pics from his trip...first off, the elk:

Next is the "selfie" that Justin took with the elk...he was by himself when he got the elk, so no one was there to take the pic of him with his prize - LOL! I LOVE that big 'ole grin on his face...he was one happy fella!

Wishing you a wonderful day!


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