Monday, October 6, 2014

Ribbon Butterfly Tutorial and Projects...

Good morning, friends! I hope that you had a fun and relaxing weekend. We had another GORGEOUS fall weekend here in Oklahoma...mild temps and sunny skies!

Today I'm going to show you how to make little butterflies out of scraps of ribbon. Each butterfly only takes a 3" it's a great way to utilize those ribbon pieces that you just hate to throw away! ;) Here are a couple of the projects that I made using my ribbon butterflies...first off is a birthday card:

I decorated a fun little gift bag with a ribbon butterfly too:

Let me show you how I made them...

Start off with a 3" piece of ribbon:

If the ribbon you are using is wired, slide the wire out of the ribbon and set it aside. Trim the ends of the ribbon as shown:

To prevent the cut ends of the ribbon from fraying, apply a little Fray Check and allow to dry:

While the Fray Check is drying, take a piece of the wire from the ribbon and insert into a button as shown:

Once the ribbon has dried, pinch it in the middle like this to form a butterfly shape:

Slide the pinched ribbon into the wire loop with the button:

Crisscross the wire back through the holes; bring the wire ends to the underside of the ribbon, and twist to secure:

Using a toothpick, curl the ends of the wire to form the butterfly antennae, trimming as necessary. If desired, you can glue a pearl in the middle of the button to cover up the wire...

That's it!! Here are several of the butterflies that I made before attaching them to projects:

Thanks so much for dropping by to check out my blog today! Have a FANTASTIC week!


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