Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Card Display Board

Good evening! Christmas will be here before we know it, so I spent most of the weekend in the kitchen making apple butter and Christmas jam to give to friends, family and neighbors. (Click HERE and HERE for those recipes.)

I did work on another little project this weekend as well:

It's a little framed chicken wire display board to showcase a few of the Christmas cards that I receive each day. I started out with a wood frame and then painted it red. My hubby stapled chicken wire to the backside of the frame and then he helped me out by spray painting several wood clothespins with white paint. He simplified this process by clipping each of the clothespins onto a piece of cardboard before giving them a couple of coats of paint. (He is such a smarty!)

Once the clothes pins were dry, I drew on little snowman faces and then tore scraps of gingham and homespun fabrics to tie on as scarves:

I'll also be adding some of these snowman clips to bags of baked goods and other gifts! (A magnet could be attached to each clip as well, so that they could be attached to a filing cabinet or fridge.)

These would be a fun project for kiddos to make, once a parent spray painted the clips. :)

Have a WONDERFUL week!


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