Thursday, December 3, 2015

Seek and Ye Shall Find Framed Art Tutorial

Good evening, friends! This post is going up later than I had originally planned because I got busy and didn't get everything typed up until now.

A while back while rummaging through the clearance stuff at Hobby Lobby, I came across a cool antique-reproduction door knob plate marked down to just $1.00. It was missing the glass knob part, but I knew that I could end up making something neat with it, so I bought it. Hobby Lobby sells glass knobs too, so I used my 40% off coupon and got it for about $4.00.

Here's what I ended up making with it:

I think it turned out so pretty, and it looks great in my guest room! Here's how I put it all together:

Start off by gathering all of your supplies. I purchased the plain wood frame at 50% off at Hobby Lobby as well, so it ended up being $2.00. I had some paper flowers, lace, scrapbook paper and other embellishments on hand, so I laid those out to see what I liked best:

I ended up changing my mind about the original flowers that I had pulled out of my stash to use, and ended up going with 3 burlap flowers that I had bought at Hobby Lobby on sale for 50% off as well:

Begin by tracing the shape of the frame onto scrapbook paper and cut it out:

Glue the paper onto the wooden frame using a 2-way glue pen or Mod Podge, and allow to dry. Once dry, carefully sand the edges with an emery board and sponge brown ink over the paper to give it an aged/antique look:

Using a scrap of coordinating lace, tie a pretty bow and glue it to the upper right-hand corner:

I cut the burlap leaves off of the flowers and then glued them to the lower right-hand corner of the frame. I used the wire picks that I cut off the back of the flowers to make curly stems. (Just wrap the stems around a wooden pick and carefully slide off; shaping how you like and then gluing to the frame around the flowers.)

Because the door knob and plate were SO HEAVY, I ended up having to use some of my husband's JB-Weld to attach it to the frame so that it would stay adhered. (It took 24 hours for the JB-Weld to dry, but that's okay because that baby is on there to stay now - LOL!) Although you don't see it in this photo, I also attached an antique skeleton key to the lower part of the plate using large Glue Dots that I carefully shaped to the edges of the key.

I found and printed the inspirational Bible verse, (Matthew 7:7), from the internet, and cut it out to fit into the hole of the frame. So, this pretty project cost me about $10.00 to make! Here's another look at my finished project, showing the skeleton key that I attached:

Thanks so very much for dropping by my blog today! Have a FANTASTIC Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!


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