Sunday, August 22, 2010

Single Layer Card #4

Above is a photo of another single-layer card that I wanted to share with you. Here's how I made it:

Cut a piece of cardstock 10" long by 4 1/4" wide, folding in the center. Using a border punch, punch the outside edge of the back layer of the card as shown in photo. Random stamp desired design on the front layer of the card. Run the front of the card through a paper crimper, right up to the edge of the fold. (Crimping the front will "shrink" the front of the card approximately 1/2" so that the border edge on the back layer will show nicely). Fold the lower right corner of the crimped front upwards to form a flap as shown in photo, and punch 2 holes. Run ribbon through the holes and tie to secure the corner flap. Stamp sentiment in the corner of the back layer of the card as shown. Distress edges of card, if desired, by sponging with ink. Viola`!!  That's it! Super simple, eh??

Happy Scrappin'!!

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  1. Neat idea with the crimping...I always forget I have that tool and it looks so great on a project! Thanks for the shrinking tip!


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