Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So Hot and Dry...

This summer has been so hot and dry here in Oklahoma...terrible conditions for our farmers and folks that must work outside in the heat. We did receive a little rain on Saturday night and then about a quarter of an inch last night, but haven't had a "good, soaking rain" in a very, very long time. Our highest daytime temperature of 115 degrees last week broke a record! Even though we are trying to keep our plants and grass watered, the sun is drying out and scorching everything - UGH! Thought I'd share a photo with you of the HUGE cracks that are showing up in my parched backyard...

As you can see, poor Hunter isn't quite sure what to make of this drought and the cracks in her backyard- LOL!

Praying that we have cooler temps and more rain soon!!



  1. I pray you will get some relief from these hot and dry conditions. If it is anything like California...next year you will probably have rain non stop! :o)

  2. Yikes! That certainly looks dry! I sure hope it cools off with some rain and everything can get some relief!

  3. Forget the grass - keep some water around the foundation of the house. The grass wont grow where you want it to, and will where you dont anyway!

  4. That is incredible! We had some rain here today. I hope it blows your way!!!

  5. Oh my heavens, Becky. I'm behind with your blog and am just seeing this. Incredible! I've never seen cracks like that in Michigan. I'd send prayers, but it seems they've already been answered with rain - yea! Praying for continued cooler weather in your area. :)


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