Monday, February 13, 2012

Recipe of the Week...Just in Time for Valentine's Day...Strawberry Fudge

I spotted this recipe for Strawberry Fudge on Pinterest and happened to tell one of our student library aides about it, and she said "I'll make some and bring it to school for you tomorrow, Mrs. Brown". Well, she did, and it was really good! (We have AWESOME student aides at our school!!!) This fudge is reeeeally rich and tastes kinda like strawberry milk or the crunch berries in Cap'n Crunch cereal. I recommend cutting it into small pieces,though, since it is so rich. Why not whip some of this fudge for Valentine's Day tomorrow? Click HERE for the recipe.

Have a GREAT day!



  1. Ya know, with only 2 ingredients, you'd think that even I could do this. You'd think...

  2. I'm sure you could make these for your lovely wife, John! She would be SO impressed with you! ;)

  3. I am not huge on fudge but I gotta say this looks awefully tempting!!! I LOVE strawberry stuff and I have never seen strawberry fudge!


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