Monday, August 26, 2013

A Little Randomness on a Monday Morning...

Good morning, friends! I hope that you had a restful weekend. I just piddled around the house, catching up on some chores. Along with the normal weekly house cleaning and laundry, I decided to take down the curtains in our bedroom and bathroom to wash. Before hanging them back up, I cleaned all of the blinds, (such a tedious chore - UGH!). While I was working on the blinds in our bedroom I glanced down to see that Tony has crawled under our bed, but has his adorable little face poking out from under the dust ruffle - such a funny little dog! (I was lucky enough to have my IPhone, so I snapped a quick pic of him.) I guess he thought that I was going to put him to work cleaning too...maybe put socks on his paws so he could polish the furniture - ha! ha! ha! ;)

Recently I was out junkin' and popped into one of the local thrift stores to see what treasures I might find. I came across a super cute soap dish for only $.25 so I scooped it up and brought it home. It didn't match the decor in either of our bathrooms, so I decided to take it to work to hold paper clips on my desk:

I found the Mary Engelbreit flower pot at another thrift shop for only $1.00, so I bought it too. I wanted a saucer for it, so I bought a cheap terra cotta one at Hobby Lobby. Mike spray painted the saucer black for me, to match the flower pot, and it now has a home in my office too!

Thanks for dropping by my blog today! Be sure to check back in a couple of days, as I'll be sharing a SCRUMPTIOUS chicken recipe with you!!

Have a blessed week!



  1. Great finds, Becky! I love it when that happens!!

    1. Thanks, Ann! I love browsing through thrift shops when I have a free fun when I find new treasures to upcycle! :)


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