Monday, December 9, 2013

Red Bird Winter Wreath (Say that fast 3 times...ha! ha! ha!)

Good morning! It's reeeeally cold here in Oklahoma - the temps are in the teens and are expected to drop into the single digits - BRRRR! We received about 5" of snow last Thursday and Friday, with a thick layer of ice under that. The icy roads have made traveling difficult, so school was closed last Friday and today as well. (I watched a neighbor through my front window this morning trying to navigate his SUV down my street, which is covered in a 1" layer of ice - YIKES!! He was slipping, sliding, and spinning all the way to the end!)

A lot of folks get "cabin fever" when they are home for several days...but I am NOT one of those folks - LOL! I LOOOOVE being home! I bake bread and muffins and make pots of soup to carry us through the cold week ahead! I even made a home-made pizza yesterday - delicious! (You can click HERE to get my recipe for home-made pizza sauce and much better than anything you can carry out or have delivered!)

I've been working on several craft projects, but I can't post them yet because I am giving many of them away as Christmas gifts and I want them to be a surprise to the recipients. Photos of these projects will be coming in the near future...but for now I can share a pic with you of a pretty winter wreath that I made for my friend Megan F.:

I really love how bright and festive it turned out! The little red birds that I wired to the wreath, along with the white and red berries and the white letter "F" really pop against the evergreen wreath. I'll be giving it to her this week...hope she likes it! (I think that I am going to have to make a winter wreath like this for my front door too...except with a letter "B", of course!)

Thanks for dropping by my little blog today! Stay safe and warm if you are in an area that has been hit by this winter blast!


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