Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The $1.00 Mirror Makeover...

Hi, Friends! I hope that you are staying safe and warm if you are in one of the areas that has recently received a blast of cold weather. On Sunday we got about 3 1/2" of snow here, and then received sleet this morning. Our temps are dipping into the single digits...BRRRR!!

I have been working on several projects, but I don't have all of the photos for the tutorials uploaded yet, so in today's post I'm going to share with you a quick and inexpensive way to dress up a mirror.

While shopping at Hobby Lobby I came across a bronzed looking letter "B" on sale for just $1.00. I bought it, not really knowing what I would do with it, but for a buck I couldn't lose, right? This letter "B" was tucked away in one of my craft drawers until I got the idea to attach it to the mirror in my foyer, which also has a bronze finish. By simply looping an organza ribbon through the top part of the "B", I was able to attach it to the mirror by tying a pretty bow. I really like how it looks:

So there it is...a SUPER easy and quick upgrade to my foyer mirror for only $1.00!

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog today...have a blessed week!


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