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Tutorial: Altered Square Envelope Scrapbook

Here's a fun envelope scrapbook that I created using 7" x 7" envelopes and the BEAUTIFUL papers from the CTMH "Inspirations" collection. I saw a photo of a similar scrapbook HERE, and I decided that I would create one of my own using CTMH products and share the tutorial with you!

Here's a closed view of the completed scrapbook:

Here's an open view of the inside:

Here's an open view of the backside:

Let's get started so that you can make one of these little gems for yourself or for someone you love!

You'll need three 7" x 7" envelopes. I purchase mine from Envelopes Express where they cost about $.58 each when you order a quantity of 25. (The more you order, though, the cheaper they are). Better yet, the shipping is free!

You need to attach your envelopes together by applying adhesive to 2 of the 3 flaps:

When you're done attaching the envelopes together, the base of your album should look like this:

Fold the scrapbook base like this, which will make it easier to work with:

Now to decorate your album! Begin by cutting 3 pieces of decorative paper 4 3/4" wide x 6 3/4" tall. Apply adhesive to the back of the paper and apply to the envelope as shown:

Cut a strip of coordinating decorative paper 2" wide x 6 3/4" long and apply adhesive to the left side of the 6 3/4" side. Attach this to the inside of the envelope, lining up the side with adhesive to the fold where the flap is:

Cut a piece of 6" x 6" piece of Sweet Leaf cardstock and a piece of 6" x 6" black cardstock. Cut a piece of Vineyard Berry grosgrain ribbon to a length of 3". Trim ends and fold into a loop. Lay ribbon centered on the left edge of the Sweet Leaf cardstock. Using a paper piercing tool punch a hole through the ribbon and cardstock:

Place a black brad through the ribbon to secure it to the cardstock:

Place adhesive on the back of the black cardstock. Line up with the Sweet Leaf cardstock that has the ribbon and brad attached, and stick together:

Slide this page into the envelope pocket:

Repeat these steps for the other two envelope pages. You can add photos, quotes or journaling as desired...

Cut a coordinating piece of decorative paper 7" long x 2 3/4" wide. Apply adhesive to the inside of the flap that will become part of your cover, and adhere the paper. Trim the edges if necessary so that the paper is flush with the envelope flap:

Turn the flap over and cut another piece of coordinating decorative paper to fit the front side. Apply a strip of Terrifically Tacky Tape to the envelope flap as shown:

Cut a piece of scrap decorative lace to 7" long and apply to the Terrifically Tacky Tape, making sure that the edge of the lace hangs over the flap of the envelope:

Apply adhesive to the back of the paper you cut to cover the flap and adhere to the flap over the lace:

Now for the embellishments....begin by stamping the letters  L-O-V-E using the CTMH "Baroque Alphabet". I used Vineyard Berry ink on Colonial White cardstock. Cut out the letters, leaving a slight border around each edge, so that each letter measures 1 1/2" square. Ink the edges with black ink to give an aged/distressed look. Cut a piece of coordinating cardstock, (I used CTMH Olive cardstock), 3 1/2" wide x 3 3/4" tall. Using 3-D dots on the back of the letters, apply the letters to the Olive cardstock and set aside:

Apply Vineyard Berry ink to the butterfly image from the CTMH "Find Your Style" stamp set. Using the "second generation" stamping technique, stamp two images onto Colonial White cardstock. Ink just the edges of the butterfly stamp again, and using the "Rock and Roll" stamping technique, align the inked stamp up with the second generation image and apply. Cut out both images. Apply 3-D dots to the back of the second generation image, line up with the first generation image and adhere:

Place 3-D dots on the upper and lower portion of the backside of the Olive cardstock. (Be sure to leave the center open, as you will run a piece of ribbon through the opening later to tie the scrapbook closed).

Attach the L-O-V-E stamped image to the lower two-thirds of the scrapbook cover. Attach the butterfly image above the L-O-V-E image at a slight angle, allowing one of the antenna to hang over the top:

Add a little bling to form the body of your butterfly. Here's what your scrapbook looks like so far, standing up:


To decorate the backside, start by cutting two pieces of 6 3/4" square pieces of Sweet Leaf cardstock and one piece of 6 3/4" square black cardstock. Cut a piece of black 1/2" polka dot organza ribbon 26" long and trim the ends. Turn your envelope album where the backside is facing up. On the far right envelope attach the organza ribbon to the center using Glue Dots:

 Apply adhesive to the backside of one of the Sweet Leaf squares and apply to the back of the envelope that you just attached the ribbon to:

Attach the black square of cardstock to the center envelope back and the other piece of Sweet Leaf cardstock to the far left envelope back:

 Draw a loose/squiggly black line around the outer edge of the Sweet Leaf square of cardstock that you applied over the ribbon:

 Cut two Vineyard Berry cardstock squares 2 1/2" x 2 1/2". Cut two pieces of decorative paper the same size. Attach to the Sweet Leaf cardstock as shown:

To create the embellishment for the center, using a 1 7/8" scallop punch, punch out element from Colonial White cardstock. Using a 1 1/2" circle punch, punch out element from Juniper cardstock. With a black marker, put a dot of ink on each of the scallops and draw "stitch lines" around the outer edge of the Juniper circle:

 To form the ruffle, cut a strip of decorative paper 7" long x 1" wide:

Starting at one end, fan fold the paper:

Apply adhesive to half of one side of the Juniper circle and then shape/adhere ruffle to the adhesive. Using a 3-D Dot apply the ruffled circle to the center of the Colonial White scallop:

Tie natural hemp through the holes in a coordinating button and attach the button to the Juniper circle with Glue Dots. Apply the embellishment to the center of the scrapbook page, between the squares. Add pictures, journaling or quotes to the squares if desired...

Using Vineyard Berry ink on Colonial White cardstock, stamp border from CTMH "Wings" stamp set and cut out:

Attach cut out to lower portion of black cardstock page and apply bling to cut out border if desired. Cut two 3" lengths of Juniper grosgrain ribbon, tie into knots, and trim ends. Using Glue Dots attach ribbons to the upper right and left corners of the black cardstock page. Add photo to center of page if desired:

Cut out a 4 1/2" square piece of decorative paper and attach to the lower part of the final Sweet Leaf page:

Using Juniper ink on Colonial White cardstock, stamp 2 bird images from the CTMH "Find Your Style" stamp set. Using 3-D dots, follow the same instructions as the butterfly above and layer the images. Attach layered bird embellishment to the upper left hand corner of the page. Cut a 4" piece of Vineyard Berry grosgrain ribbon, trim ends, and apply to page using glue dots. Attach a decorative ribbon knot using a Glue Dot. Apply 3 black buttons, tied with twine or natural hemp, to the lower left corner of page using Glue Dots:

This is what the back side of the scrapbook looks like, standing up:

Following the same stamping method as the butterfly image, stamp two fleur de leis images, (from the CTMH "Wings" stamp set), using Vineyard Berry ink on Colonial White cardstock. Cut out, attach a black brad to the center of the top layer and using a 3-D dot apply the top layer to the bottom layer. Apply adhesive to the back of the embellishment and adhere to the upper part, just above the ribbon, of the front flap on your scrapbook. Run the ribbon under the L-O-V-E embellishment and tie:

Now your book is ready for pictures, journaling, etc.! I hope that this tutorial has been helpful and informative and that you'll be inspired to create some of these fun little scrapbooks too!

On a final note, the FABULOUSY ARTSY Tresa Black is hosting a blog hop/linky party for those of us who have created projects using CTMH "Inspirations" products. (Thanks, Tresa, for hosting this fun hop!) I've linked up my project, so please click HERE to visit Tresa's blog and to check out some AMAZING artwork!

I've also entered this project on this week's "Fabulous Friday Challenge" at Frosted Desgins! Click HERE to check out the AWESOME artwork over there too!!

Happy Scrappin'!



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