Monday, September 6, 2010

A fun little afternoon project....Personalized Starbucks Tumbler

A while back I received a Starbucks gift card, so last week Mike and I went to Starbucks to pick up some freshly ground coffee, and while there I spotted a "Create Your Own Tumbler". The scrapbooker in me couldn't resist, so I decided to get one to try out:

It's a fairly simple project to complete, but there are a few tricks that I learned by trial and error while I was assembling my tumbler. I'm going to share what I learned with you, in the event that you want to pick one of these up at Starbucks to make for yourself, so you won't run into the same issues that I did!

To get started, unscrew the bottom of the mug and remove the template:

Trace the template on a piece of scrapbook paper...I chose a piece of paper from the CTMH "Let's Get Together" paper pack. (It's one of my favorites and now it's discontinued - so sad!) Next, add pictures, memorbilia, stickers, diecuts...whatever your heart desires! Just make sure that your heart doesn't desire brads or anything "bumpy"! As you can see in the next photo, my heart desired red heart-shaped brads on my letter "B" and googly eyes on my frog in the pocket, but those were too fat to fit into the tumbler...I had to pick them off and use flat embellishments instead! Oh, well! It still turned out pretty cute!

Another trick that I want to share with you is to roll your completed tumbler insert into a cone to help pre-shape the form, giving the photos some curvature, before attempting to insert it into the mug.

The next pictures, of the completed mug, are a little dark because I couldn't use the flash on my camara as it left glare spots. Sorry for the bad photography! I think I may invest in a lighted photographers box in the future, (or better yet have Mike build me one!), so that my blog pictures will look better. Anyway, here are the photos of the completed mug:

This was a fun and quick project...once I got the little issues worked out. Should you attempt to make one, you shouldn't have any problems if you don't add bumpy things to your and learn!

Have a WONDERFUL day!


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  1. Never seen these before....really neat project! are showing some great projects lately with 3-D items....I should keep a better lookout for this type of stuff when I go shopping!!


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