Saturday, September 18, 2010

Altered Band-Aid Tin Sewing Kit

Happy Saturday! I wanted to take a minute to post a project that I created using a Band-Aid style tin. (I like to purchase tins in bulk through can find all shapes and sizes at good prices on their website). It's a mini sewing kit, which is so handy to keep in a desk drawer at work, the glove compartment of a car, or even in a purse! One never knows when an emergency repair might need to be made! (I purchased the components of the sewing kit at Dollar General for a buck).

The tin is 3 1/2" tall x 2 3/4" wide x 1" deep. I cut a piece of scrapbook paper, (the paper shown on my box is from the CTMH Bella collection), 3 1/4" high x 8" long, which gives a little extra length to overlap the ends. I ran the paper thorough my Xyron machine, using repositionable adhesive so that I could adjust the paper on the box as needed, and then applied the paper to the box.

To create the pocket on the front of the box, which holds the mini scissors, I cut a piece of 1 1/2" wide green grosgrain ribbon to a length of 2 1/4". I folded the bottom corners of the ribbon to form a pocket design and pressed with a hot iron to hold in place. I folded the top of the ribbon under by about 1/4" and pressed under to hold down. I then applied Terrifically Tacky Tape to the pressed under edges of the pockets to firmly hold the pocket shape in place. I used glue dots to attach a scrap piece of yellow ric-rack to the top edge of the pocket, tucking the edges under and securing with Terrifically Tacky Tape. I applied more Terrifically Tacky Tape around the 3 edges of the pocket, leaving the top open to slide the scissors into, and adhered the pocket at an angle to the front of the tin. I tied a coordinating ribbon through the holes of a wooden button and attached it to the front of the pocket using glue dots.

To add a little extra foo-foo, I tied various kinds/colors of ribbons to the handle.

For the contents, I slid the spools of thread onto a piece of coordinating organza ribbon. Here's how I created the little felt "case" to house the needles, buttons, pins, etc.:

Using pinking shears, cut a piece of felt 5 1/2" long x 2 1/2" wide and fold in half. Set aside. Cut another piece of felt with pinking shears  2 3/4" long x 2 1/2" wide. Place the smaller piece of felt inside of the folded piece of felt. Using a Crop-a-Dile, punch 2 holes, through all 3 layers of felt, about 3/8" down from the folded edge. Space the holes about 1/2" apart. Cut a piece of 5/8" grosgrain ribbon 5" long and run through the holes to secure the felt together. Tie ribbon into a knot and trim the ends as desired. Attach the pins, needles, needle threader, buttons, etc. as desired to the felt. I laced the buttons onto a coordinating piece of organza ribbon, and the attached the ribbon to the felt with a safety pin.

Slide the pin/needle holder and the spools of thread into the tin and you've got yourself a super cute little sewing kit to go!

Have a fun and safe weekend!



  1. Another great idea!! Although I would probably have more use for band-aids with my hubby!! LOL! Hmmmm, I could just decorate the band-aid one too! The lightbulb came on! HAHAHA!

  2. oh my is this ever cute, great idea.....thanks again for the award, I got it posted tonight...have a fantastic day!

    enjoy *~*


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