Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This Is One Of My Favorite Things.....

I love, love, love pizzelles, so every year at Christmastime my friend/co-worker Penny makes me a batch of these light, wafery, delectable treats!!! I really look forward to these each Christmas...so last week when she came into my office bearing a red plate full of these treats, (along with some chocolate covered peanut clusters and frosted sugar cookies!), I jumped up and down with joy and gave her a big 'ole hug!!!

Here's a photo of Penny's famous pizzelles, before I hoovered them down with a cup of cappuccino! (Sorry for the bad lighting on the photos...the fluorescent lights at my office makes photos look funky).

Here is a photo of me (left) and Penny (right) in our Christmas vests...isn't she just the cutest gal ever?!?!? She's SUPER SWEET too!!

Thanks, again, Penny for the yummy pizzelles and also for being a great friend and co-worker!!! You're a blessing!!

Have a happy day!!

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