Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthday Bookmark Card

Above is a photo of a card that I made for my dear friend, Diana P. who is celebrating her 44th birthday today!! Happy Birthday, Diana!! As you can see, the front of the card has a detachable bookmark. The phrase on the bookmark reads:

"Side by side or far apart, true friends live within our heart".

Diana and I have been friends since the 8th grade, when she and her family moved from Michigan to the little rural Oklahoma town that I'm originally from. Her dad is a minister, so that is what brought them from Michigan all the way to Oklahoma. Even though they only lived there for a couple of years before her dad transferred to another church, she and I have remained good friends and have stayed in touch all of these years...she is such a blessing in my life! Diana is kind, smart, sweet and hardworking...a wonderful Christian, mother, wife and friend! She now lives in Georgia, and through the years her Michigan accent has changed to a southern accent - hee! hee!

Here is a photo of Diana, (second from the right), her hubby Robert, and her three terrific kiddos - Jared, Hannah and Nolan:

Wishing you a WONDERFUL birthday and year to follow, my friend!! (I sure wish that we lived closer!)



  1. That's a wonderful idea for a detachable bookmark. I'm sure Diana will treasure it.

  2. Great pic of your friend and her family! Hope she has a great b-day! This bookmark is so pretty!

  3. Beck-I do love my card (as I have all the creations you have sent!) and my precious friend the Lord has placed in my life. You are one of the people in my life that is an inspiration to me. Glad we met all those years ago and kept have kept in touch all these years! Thanks for showcasing me on you amazing blog:) Appreciated the Birthday wishes, and I did have a wonderful birthday with family and friends! We need to work on a reunion plan!
    Love Ya!!


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