Thursday, March 15, 2012

Great Read! "The Six Wives of Henry VIII"

Last weekend I read The Six Wives of Henry VII, which is a really good historical fiction book written by Gladys Malvern. This young adult book is broken down in to chapters based on each of Henry VIII's wives, and by the time that you finish reading it, you can't help but feel sorry for each of these women. If you enjoy reading about the Royals, and enjoy reading historical fiction, then I think you would really like this book which is a quick read!

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  1. I love learning about this period and have read just about everything on the subject ... but this one has escaped me! I'll definitely read this one!

    Have you read any of the historical novels by Philippa Gregory? She does an entire series on the Tudors ... among others. Her most famous novel, "The Other Boleyn Girl," is just wonderful ... as was the movie based upon the novel. Check her out; you'll love her books!

    Also, BBC America carries reruns of the series, "The Tudors." It is fantastic! Critically acclaimed in all areas, this television series is a must-see!

    Thanks for the tip, Becky!

  2. I love historical fiction. I'll have to check this book out! (I too, have read many Phillipa Gregory books!)


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