Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Color = Happiness!

The temperature has been in the 80's for the past few days, the sun has been shining, and the ground is finally starting to dry up from all of the rain that we received last week. That means that I've been able to spend a little time working outside planting a few spring flowers! Here are some photos of what I've done so far:


The Jackmani Clematis plants that I have growing on trellises will be blooming in the next few days, and the pink Knockout Roses that are planted along my back fence are beginning to form buds. A sweet bluebird family have once again taken up residence in one of the nexting boxes in my back yard, and I expect to hear the chirping of little bluebirds anyday now. The hydrangeas that Mike and Justin planted for me last summer have beautiful green leaves and will soon begin to produce lucious, large flowers as well! I'll share pictures of these miracles as they start blooming...don't you just LOVE spring??

Wishing you a blessed day!


  1. Oh so pretty! Too early for me to plant anything yet.

  2. Gorgeous!! I cant wait to get out in the yard. It's still a tad chilly here, but all of my perennials are up and growing strong. Yea spring!!

  3. I do love Spring except for the pollen stirs up my allergies big time...that is not fun but it doesn't keep me down! I have been out and about playing in the sun too! I just love all your pretty flowers and I'm amazed that you know the name of them! :) I can never seem to remember the names! LOL!

  4. I am so jealous Becky!! We still have quite a bit of snow! It has been warmer weather so it has been melting but we are no where near flower season yet....can I come visit? haha.


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