Thursday, March 22, 2012

Meeting Baby Jack...

Today my sweetie and I drove to Edmond to meet our precious new great-nephew, Jack. He is soooo sweet! We had a wonderful day visiting with Jack's mommy, (our niece Megan), and his grandparents, Mike's sis Lea Ann and her hubby John. Meg's sweet mom-in-law Sue dropped by too, and we all had such a nice time visiting and eating a yummy lunch of pulled pork sandwiches - YUMM-O!! Family is such a precious and wonderful gift, and we are so blessed!

It has rained here ALL week, so my spring break plans of working in the yard were a bust. Oh well, we really, really needed the rain, so no complaints here! I thought that I'd tackle some crafting projects that I had put aside, but in all honesty with all of the gray, rainy days, I lost my crafting mojo! Instead I've spent most of my time kicked back relaxing, reading some good books, and even taking a few naps...which has been really nice! The sun is supposed to come out tomorrow, and it's supposed to be pretty this weekend, so my crafting mojo should return - YEAH!

Wishing you a wonderful day!



  1. So sweet, new babies are just precious! A friend of mine just had twin girls and I can't wait to see them! ....and in regards to the lost mojo, I have definitely felt that before...and I do think it depends on the weather, haha.

  2. Awwwww, so adorable! Glad you were able to visit with family! Enjoy the rest of your break even if it does rain...relaxing and naps sound good to me! Our spring break is next week...woo hoo!

  3. How sweet! So glad you are having a relaxing break and always nice to visit family and a new baby!!!

  4. Great picture of you guys Becky! LOVE them babies!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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