Sunday, March 28, 2010

CTMH Miracle Kit and Then Some...

Hi! Sorry that it's been a few days since I've was really nuts this week since my department is continuing to work from 2 separate locations because our building flooded on March 6th. My office still isn't ready to move back into, so I'm still working out of boxes from a cubicle at the back of the building. (For an organizational/neat freak such as myself, this has been stressful to say the least - ha!) It's projected that the furniture will be moved back into my office sometime tomorrow, so then I can move all of my files and stuff back - YIPPEE! It will be so nice to be working in my own office's just the little things that make me so happy!!

My CTMH consultant "Miracle Kit", arrived last week so I've been working on the projects this weekend so that I could share with you what I made. The "Miracle Kit" is the limited time special available from April 15th - May 31st and I must say that I LOVE THIS KIT!!  (Pricing details will be posted on my blog later, but it's a REAL BARGAIN!!)  The kit is designed for you to make two 12" 2-page layouts, but there was enough stuff left over that I was able to make an additional 2-page layout as well as 4 cards and a bookmark!  The pictures below show the scrapbook pages first, then the cards, then a tutorial on how I created the cards!  LOTS of info for you in this post!!

Two page spread of the first layout:

Close up view of the left page:

Close up view of the right page with flip-flaps closed:

Close up view of the right page with the flip-flaps open:

Two page spread of the second layout:

Close up view of the left hand page:

Close up view of the right hand page with flip-flaps closed:

Close up view of the left hand page with flip-flaps open:

Now, here is a photo of the two page spread that I created with some of the left-over supplies:

Here's a close up view of the left hand page:

NOTE: The green, square "jumbo button" is actually made from the negative from one of the Irrestibles Frames. I just inked it; cut one of the circle stickers from the kit into quarters and adhered a quarter of the sticker to each corner. I then punched two holes in the center with my Cropadile and ran a scrap piece of ribbon through the holes and tied in a knot.  Viola! A super cute page embellishment from something that most folks would have thrown away!

And here's a close up view of the right hand page:

NOTE: The blue/tan sticker strips at the bottom of the page topper are actually "sticker negatives" cut from the long end of the sticker sheet...once again using something that most folks would have thrown away!

And finally, here are closeup views of the cards that I created with the rest of the left-overs:

Card one:

NOTE: The letter "B" was stamped using the alphabet stamp set from the CTMH Felicity stamp set. The blue rectangle was one of the sticker negatives from the Miracle Kit that I adhered to a scrap piece of Bamboo cardstock to create this ebellishment.  Trash to treasure!

Cards 2 and 3:

NOTE: The butterflies are created using more "sticker trash" from the negatives again. The butterfly bodies are created with waxy flax.  The "Thank You" sentiment has been stamped on a scrap piece of Colonial White cardstock that has been outlined with, yep, you guessed it, another trash-to-treasure sticker negative! (You'll find an instructional tutorial below on how to create the butterflies!)

Mini card and bookmark:

NOTE: The flowers are created with the sticker flower negatives. The center of the flower on the mini card is created using the square embellishment from the second Irrestable Frame negative, inked in green. The vines are from the Felicity stamp set.

Here is a tutorial on how to create the "Trash to Treasure" cards shown above:

Begin by sponging ink on a standard white card base:

Now, on a scrap piece of cardstock, sponge color of your choice on it...this is what you will adhere your butterfly or flower sticker negative to to form the base:

Cut out the sticker negative and adhere to scrap of sponged cardstock:

Cut around the outer edge of the butterfly.  (Same technique used for flowers!) NOTE: I leave a slight outside border when cutting out images.

Cut a piece of Waxy Flax, approximately 7 inches long. Tie around the center of the butterfly, creating a knot where the head should be:

If needed, slightly trim the ends of the antenae and curl using a pencil or the wooden handle of a paper piercing tool:

Your finished butterfly should look something like this:

Using 3D dimensional dots, adhere the butterfly (or flowers!) to the sponged card.  Add any other embellishments that you like such as sentiments, ribbon, brads, etc.  EASY PEASY!!

Have a blessed day!


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