Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall Photos of My Little World

It seems as though it's taken FOREVER for the foliage on the trees to begin to change into their incredibly vibrant colors! We've had a very dry fall here in Oklahoma, so some trees didn't turn their pretty colors at sad! Last week I took some photos of the beautiful fall colors that I see around my little world every day, so I thought I'd share those with you. All of the photos were taken in my yard except for the first one of a tree at the office where I work....

I captured this photo looking up into the tree that is just outside of the office building that I work in. I love the way that the morning sun enhanced the amazing firey red-orange color of the leaves against the crisp blue Oklahoma sky. I'm glad that I snapped the photo when I did, because as of today all of the leaves are gone:

Here's a photo of my front flower bed...full of pumpkins, mums and pansies. Once again, loving the way that the morning sun highlights the vibrant colors:

Here are a couple of photos to highlight the beautiful yellow mums and pansies...see why yellow is my favorite color?!?!?

At the time I took this photo, it wasn't quite cold enough to get a photo of "frost on the pumpkins", but the next best thing is a photo of "dew on the pumpkins", right?

Some richly colored crimson mums highlighted by more yellow pansies, which are planted around my brick mailbox:

And, last but not least, just a cute/happy little corner of my back yard...complete with decorative birdhouses, holly, golden euanymous (? spelling ?), and more yellow mums and pansies:

Wishing you a very happy sure to look around your little world and give thanks for lovely things that you see every day too!

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