Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tea - riffic Friend Valentine's Card

Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow I decided to make some cute cards to mail to a few of my friends. I created a paper ribbon with the sentiment "You are a tea - riffic friend", and attached it to the front of the card with a cute envelope that contains an herbal tea bag. Here's a photo of one of the cards:

Wanna know how I made the little envelope for the herbal tea bag? Here's a quick tutorial:

Begin by gathering your supplies. I started with a 4" x 6" card, a piece of double sided paper, a heart doily, punched cardstock hearts, paper sentiment strips that I printed from my computer, a small lace and flower embellishment, adhesive and an herbal tea bag:

Place the paper face down on your work surface. Lay the tea bag in the center of the backside of the paper:

Fold the bottom of the paper up over the tea bag:

Fold each of the sides of the paper over the top of the tea bag. Using adhesive of your choice, secure the flaps to form a pocket for the tea bag:

Trim the top flap to remove the point of the paper as shown below:

Use a Glue Dot to hold the top flap of the envelope down. Attach a cardstock heart to the flap, and then add a decorative element of your choice. (I used a lace and ribbon rose embellishment.)

Using adhesive of your choice, attach the elements to the top of the card:

Attach sentiment to the inside of the card, along with additional punched cardstock hearts:

Here is another version of the card, using different paper:

Wishing you a sweet Valentine's Day!


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