Sunday, February 3, 2013

Quote Sunday...and Some Thoughts by Me...

Thought I would share with you a post that I put on FaceBook last week regarding a quote that I spotted and fell in love with...

Each morning as I drive into town on my way to work I go past a little Baptist church on County Line that always has great quotes posted on their marquee. This week's quote gave me pause to think and I REALLY liked it, so I thought I would share it with you: "God's answers are wiser than our prayers." Don't you love that? How many times do people feel like God isn't responding to their prayers? In all honesty, aren't we ALL guilty of this at some point in our lives? I know that I am! We pray, and pray, and pray about a situation - thinking that God isn't listening to us because we aren't receiving an obvious answer, when in all reality maybe His "silence" is the answer. Maybe He has something in store for us that we just aren't ready for yet and His answer involves trial and preparation in our lives to ready us for His answer. Since reading that marquee message this week I've thought about its message often, and it's helped me to gain new perspective on how I look at things. Maybe we should pray for greater wisdom and understanding in our lives, so that while we are enduring the trials we can feel secure in knowing that it is simply preparation for the answer He will provide us in His own time.
Wishing you a blessed day, Friends!


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