Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pant Leg Waste Basket For My Car

Happy Wednesday! Recently I had to shorten and hem a pair of capri pants because they were too long for me. (Yes, I am short and yes, sometimes even capri pants are too long for me!) Anyhoo, after cutting the bottom of the capri legs off, I had an idea to use them to make a cute trash bag for my car:

To start my project I cut and hemmed the capri pants so they would fit me:

I then took the 2 bottom parts of the pant legs and placed them so that right sides were together to form a tube. I stitched them together at the bottom, forming a square shaped bottom:

I then turned the bag right side out and folded the top down to create a cuff. Using a scrap of tasseled trim, I attached it to the cuff with iron-on fuse-able web.

To cover the seam on the front of the bag where the tassel trim met, I attached a coordinating button:

To make the handle, I cut and stitched a piece of cording to the inside of the bag. Be sure to use fray-check on the ends of the cording so that it doesn't come apart after you've cut it:

My cute little trash bag was then ready to hang in my, eh??

Now for the rest of my short-girl-sisters out there...get to cutting and hemming those pants that are too long and recycle the bottom of the pant legs into useful projects! :)

Have a blessed day,


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