Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Recipe of the Week...Campbell's Chunky Soup Creations

Who says that a good, home-cooked meal has to be labor intensive and time consuming??? While reading a magazine the other day, I spotted this photo of what looked like a really quick, inexpensive, and tasty meal! I checked out the recipes at the Campbell's Chunky Soup website  and decided to swing by the grocery store on my way home from work to pick up the ingredients. The soup happened to be on sale, 4 cans for $5.00 - so this ended up being a really inexpensive meal for us!! It only took 10 minutes to whip up, (you gotta love that!!), and I served it with some yummy whole wheat hot rolls that I picked up at the grocery store bakery. Mike and I LOVED it! It was the perfect sized meal for just 2 people, and with hot rolls and a side salad it was quite filling! (Recipe could be doubled, tripled, etc. to inexpensively feed larger crowds). Click HERE to go to the Campbell's Chunky Dinner Ideas site and try it out for yourself! I'm anxious to try out the Chunky Chicken Chowder with Biscuits recipe...if it tastes as delicious as the picture shown below, I'm sure that it too will become a new quick meal fave in the Brown house!!

Wishing you a wonderful day!!

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