Monday, September 12, 2011

A Few Wedding Snapshots to Share...

We had a WONDERFUL time at Megan and J.T.'s wedding and reception on Saturday! The ceremony was beautiful and elegant...complete with a string quartet. Meg and J.T. are such a lovely couple and we wish them a very long and happy life together! We had so much fun dancing and dining at the reception, which was held at the Overholser Mansion in OK City. Here are a few snapshots that we took:

The happy couple, Meg and J.T.:

Mike's sister, Lea Ann  (Meg's mom) and her hubby John (Meg's step-dad):

Mike, Justin and me in the garden at the Overholser Mansion:

Mike's other sister, Sandy and her hubby Don:

Sandy with her son, Ryan, and daughter, Kari:

Sandy's son, Ryan, with his sweet wife Ashley and their adorable kiddos, Ian and Kayle Ann:

Justin said that only for his cousin Meg would he wear a suit and tie - ha! ha! Here's a photo of them together at the reception:

Three generations of the "Brown Men"...Justin, Mike and Logan:

Me and Meg:

Meg and J.T. cutting their wedding cake:

The happy couple enjoying their first dance as husband and wife:

Meg and her dad, Mike Cooper, dancing to "Isn't She Lovely":

John twirls Meg around the dance floor:

Thanks for letting me share our family celebration with you! Have a wonderful week!



  1. Looks like a marvelous celebration! Congrats to the happy couple! Thanks for sharing some pictures! By the way...LOVE your outfit! Wish I could look half as good in something like that!

  2. DANCING?!? You got Mike to dance? THAT , I would have liked to see!
    And I hope his cousin appreciates how much Justin obviously loves her - poor fella. Looks SO uncomfortable...the things we do for girls... :)

  3. Yes, Mike did dance with me...miracles never cease - eh?? LOL!

  4. Thanks for sharing the pics Becky! I really like going to weddings and this summer I didn't have any, so this kind of filled the void, haha. I loved the Blue that you wore, so pretty!


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