Monday, March 18, 2013

Operation "Ivory Soap" and Other Happenings...

Good morning, folks! Lately I have been on a mission to figure out how to deter the bunny family that lives under our garden shed from eating up the plants in our backyard flower beds. Mike and I don't mind sharing our backyard with the bunny family, actually we like seeing them out and about, but we don't want them wreaking havoc on our plants. Below is a photo of just one of the plants that they have munched away on during the winter months...believe it or not it is a holly bush! I would have never dreamed that rabbits would eat the pointy/stickery leaves of a holly bush, buy by golly they gobbled it up! (Actually, they've gobbled up 3 holly bushes in this bed, as well as several other plants.)

Anyhoo...I've been reading/researching on how to keep the bunnies away from our plants without harming the plants or the bunnies. There are several remedies out there, but the one that I have decided to try out first my hubs has named "Operation Ivory Soap":

Basically what I read is that if you cut up bars of Ivory Soap and scatter it around your plants and flowers the critters will stay away. The day lilies planted in the bed by our garden shed have started to come up, so when hubby re-mulched this weekend he tossed a few chunks of Ivory Soap around them:

In the near future we'll be replacing/adding mulch and plants to the other beds as well, so Ivory Soap chunks will be added in those areas too. I'll keep you posted to let you know if "Operation Ivory Soap" is a success! :)

In other news this week...WOO HOO!! I am on spring break this week!!! Along with working on some craft projects and cleaning my craft room, (which looks like a bomb has gone off in it - LOL!), I've got some other fun things planned. My mom, who lives about an hour away, is coming down for the day so that we can go to some of the antique shops here in Broken Arrow. I'll be meeting my pal Sharon S. for fun conversation and a delicious lunch at Olive Garden; and one afternoon my best bud Jamie and I are gonna grab a bite to eat and then go see "OZ" at the theater. I 've got a couple of books about Mary Queen of Scots to finish reading, and I might even make time to squeeze in a nap or two before the week is over!

Many schools are out for spring break this week, so please keep an eye out for the kiddos that will be riding bikes, skateboards, etc.

Wishing you a TERRIFIC week!



  1. Enjoy your break, Becky. Sounds like you've planned lots of fun.

    My goal is to turn my crap room--you know, the room that gets filled with all the stuff you don't know where else to put--into a comfortable, functional craft room.


    1. Thanks, Jill! Don't feel too "craft room" currently looks like a "crap room" - ha! ha! My goal is to get it in order again so that I don't have to keep the door to it closed all the time. Enjoy your spring break as well! :)


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