Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Time to Heal those Cracked Feet!

With warmer weather fast approaching, ladies, it's time to get those dry feet ready for sandal season!! I recently whipped up a batch of Miraculous Moisturizing Foot Cream for myself and to share with my friends. Now our feet will be soft and pretty in those cute sandals and flip-flops that we'll be wearing! It's super easy to make, so here's the link to my previous post where I shared the recipe:

You can put the cream in cute jars purchased from Hobby Lobby or Michael's, or you can use pimento, relish, maraschino cherry and jelly jars like the one's shown above that I recycled. After removing the labels and washing out the jars, my hubby spray painted the lids black and then I decorated the outside of the jars with ribbon, lace, paper flowers, etc. These make perfect jars for the foot cream, and it's a great way to recycle!

Here's to spring and soft, pretty tootsies!!

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  1. I really enjoy making your recipe. I change the name, though, and call it Elbow Grease. Works well on those dry elbows as well as cracked heels. :-)



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