Wednesday, June 12, 2013

From Clearance Aisle Frame to Cute Magnetic Message Board...

Hello, friends! While browsing the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby I came across a cute frame that was missing the glass and had a couple of little nicks in the paint. It was marked down to only $3.00, so I purchased it and decided to turn it into a cute magnetic message board, as shown here:

Here's how I created it...

I purchased a piece of sheet metal at Hobby Lobby using one of their 40% off coupons. The sheet metal can be found in the clock-making section of the store for $11.99 a sheet, so after using the discount coupon I only paid about $7.20 for the sheet and I have quite a bit left over after this project to make more cool stuff! hubs cut the sheet metal to fit into the frame, and then I went to work adding scuff marks and brown ink to the frame to distress it and disguise the nicks that were in the frame when I bought it:

Wanna know how I made the scratches/nicks on the frame? I simply used a butter knife, which has little ridges on the blade, to scrape over the painted finish as shown below. After that I used a sponge that I dabbed into brown ink and rubbed over the frame, nick marks and frame edges to give it an aged/antique look:

I then glued a fun little metal accent to the center of the top part of the frame. If you can't find a metal accent at your local craft store, a decorative wood accent that can be found in the trim section at Lowe's, could be painted and used instead.

Now it's time to make the adorable, floral magnets using more sale finds that I discovered at Hobby Lobby! I purchased 3 fabric flowers that were 50% off, which made them only $1.00 each - SWEET!! I also bought a package of round magnets using another 40% discount coupon, so they only cost me $4.80 and I have lots of magnets left over for future crafty projects!

These flower magnets have to be one of the easiest craft projects of all time! Simply glue a magnet to the center of the back of the flower:

To form the leaves I cut some dark green lace that I had on hand into about 3 1/2" pieces, folded each piece in half, stitched and gathered the raw ends together, and glued 2 lace leaves to the back of each flower:

Once the glue has dried your flower magnets will look like this:

Here's another look at the final, finished magnet board...I REALLY love how it turned out, and it will look awesome in my office at work!

Thanks for popping in today to check out my project! Have a SUPER day!!


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