Thursday, June 6, 2013

Trying Something New: Sea Glass Necklaces...

This week I've been piddlin' with something new...making necklaces from wire and sea glass. Here are a few of the necklaces/pendants that I've created so far:

These are really fun to make, and I like how they turn out kind of funky and abstract. It's pretty cool to just let the wire do what it wants while you're working with it and then to be surprised by the end two are exactly alike! Here are some close-up shots so you can see the detail a little better:

Hard to believe that these pretties started out looking like this:

Just a little 22 gauge silver wire, some round-nosed pliers, wire cutters, pearl beads, charms, jump rings and cording is all it takes to whip these up. Oh, boy!! I think I've stumbled upon yet another hobby to love - LOL! ;)

Have a blessed day, friends!


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  1. So pretty. And yes I too got hooked on jewelery making once I we really need more creative outlets, haha.


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