Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Good Reads: Philippa Gregory's Cousin's War Trilogy

If you enjoy reading historical fiction, and are looking for some great summer reads, then I highly recommend the Cousin's War Trilogy by Philippa Gregory. These books, The White Queen; The Red Queen; and Lady of the Rivers are based on the rivalry of the Lancaster's and the York's to secure the throne of England and their family's destinies. Philippa Gregory does an amazing job of weaving an intriguing story line into these books using historical dates and locations that she has meticulously researched.

If you love historical fictions as much as I do, then I just know that you'll enjoy reading these books! Once you've finished the trilogy, you might be interested in reading her book, The Kingmaker's Daughter, which continues the story of the Cousin's War.

Happy reading!


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