Friday, August 8, 2014

50th Wedding Anniversary Tribute to My Parents...

Fifty years ago today my parents, Jerry and Barbara Franklin-Buckallew said "I do" and began life together as husband and wife. Through the years they have shared joys and tears, and have weathered the storms of life together. This day commemorates 50 years of dedication to the vows that they took before God, family and friends on August 8, 1964. Here is a picture of them on their wedding young and so in love:

My wonderful friend, Megan F., helped me create a photo DVD, set to music, highlighting their life events from the past 50 years. Here's the sweet jewel case that I made for their DVD tribute:

Last but not least, here is a photo of the anniversary card that I made for them. I aged the paper doily by soaking it in a mixture of tea, cinnamon and vanilla for a few seconds, then letting it dry on a paper towel.

For fun I sent out postcards, as well as private messages via Facebook, to family and friends requesting that they join in our celebration by mailing a card to my parents. My folks didn't want an anniversary party, but Mike and I couldn't let their special day go unrecognized! Therefore we asked for them to be "showered with cards". They will be so surprised when they go to their mailbox today!! :)

Thanks for dropping by today! Have a fun and safe weekend...


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