Monday, June 1, 2015

From Mug Tree to Jewelry Display Tree...

Good morning, friends! I hope you had a restful and relaxing weekend. Mike and I enjoyed a quiet weekend at home, with my parents dropping by to visit for a bit yesterday afternoon.

Today I thought that I would share a simple organizing idea with you. As you probably know, I have a slight addiction to hand-stamped jewelry from The Vintage Pearl. I have several pieces of their beautiful jewelry, which I think are just too pretty to put away in a drawer after wearing, so I came up with an idea to display them on my dresser so that I can enjoy them even when I'm not wearing them.

I found an old, metal mug tree that was destined for the trash and spray painted it black. It now holds my VP necklaces, dangling perfectly from each of the arms, on my dresser:

I really love displaying these pretties on my dresser when I'm not wearing them...a great way to enjoy them all the time!

Thanks for dropping by today...I hope you have a WONDERFUL week!


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