Monday, July 27, 2015

Colorado Vacation Photos...

Good morning and happy Monday, friends! Mike and I were on vacation in beautiful Colorado last week, so we head back to work today. (How is it that a week on vacation can go by so quickly, but a week at work goes by so slowly??) Anyhoo, before I head out the door I wanted to share a quick post of our vacation photos.

First off, we were very blessed to be able to stay in a cabin belonging to our friends, the Volentine family. Their lovely mountain home rests on 78 acres that backs up to a national forest in the Sangre de Christo mountains. Mike and I had the cabin to ourselves for the whole week, and it was soooo relaxing!

This is one of the beautiful views from the cabin:

We decided that we should probably take a "selfie", so we would have a least one photo of the two of us together while we were on vacation - ha! ha! Here we are standing on the back porch at the cabin:

While we were heading town on Monday to pick up a few groceries, we spotted some antelope in one of the fields in the valley:

The closest town to the cabin is Westcliffe, and it has a population of only 565 people. It's a cute little town, with a grocery store and a few shops along Main Street...

The day that we went into town was a little cloudy and overcast, and we got a nice little rain shower while running our errands. Here's a photo of one of the pretty little churches in Westcliffe...I just love how quaint it is!

One of the little cottages that sits on Main Street had this sign in the front yard, and I just had to take a photo of it! I love the message it much truth in so few words! (Think good, happy, positive thoughts, friends!!)

When we got back to the cabin I made a big batch of spaghetti with hot rolls...soooo yummy! The next morning I took this photo from one of the front windows at the's the fog rolling into the valley between the mountains:

A young buck mule deer and doe crossed the driveway right in front of the cabin...they were a pleasant sight to see!

During one of our hikes, I snapped a couple of photos of the stream that runs behind the cabin. Although the temperatures got down into the 40's each evening, we enjoyed sleeping with the windows open to listen to the flowing water from the stream...such restful sleep!

Here are some of the beautiful wildflowers that were growing near the cabin...

I love all of the pine and aspen trees and the sound that they make with the breeze blowing through them! Here's a photo that I took through a clearing along the path near the cabin...

My sweetie picked some pretty wildflowers for me, and we found this heart-shaped rock while out on a walk one afternoon:

Thanks from dropping by my blog today to check out my vacation photos. Have a TERRIFIC week!


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